The ReShape website

As the centerpiece of the US launch, the ReShape consumer website needed to inform, inspire, and enable. End-to-end automation between the audience and the growing physician provider network jumpstarted the adoption nationwide. Built on WordPress, the site is packed with custom opportunities for dynamic updates and expansion. Tightly integrated with the ReShape web portal and user-base, the website empowers community members to become brand ambassadors and proliferate the acquisition cycle.


ReShape Mobile App


Automated, intuitive weight loss

The ReShape mobile app is a fully-loaded health and fitness platform tailor-made for participants in the ReShape weight loss program. It features activity tracking, food logging, nutritional insights, helpful tips, and empowering content to help users to stay motivated. ReShapers can connect smart devices such as wearables and wifi connected scales. The bbpress forum allows members of the community to exchange ideas and success stories.